Request Bitcoin from companies tracking you with GA and Mixpanel

trakkin.me is a web app and chrome extension that automatically obscures data like pageviews that companies track through Google Analytics and Mixpanel. Instead of your personal information, a company will see a RFP (request for payment) on their GA or MP dashboard. Once the company pays, data will resume flowing as normal and trakkin users get paid out based on usage. The more people using trakkin the more incentive a company has to pay them for their precious data!
almost 3 years ago
This is idea is awesome. And probably very hard to execute. However Blockstack itself is evil, will you add a way to login without Blockstack?
@dylanbathurst MAKER
about 3 years ago
Hey everyone, thanks for checking out trakkin.me. The name pays homage to tippin.me, and I just thought it would be fun. I made trakking.me for the Blockstack #cantbeevil hackathon. I've been thinking a lot about how to get more "mainstream" people interested in Bitcoin/Lightning, and decided that the best way to onboard people is through an "earn first" experience. Coincidentally I've been getting more wary of companies mopping up my personal data through the usage of their websites and it hit me; Bitcoin/Lightning makes it super easy to setup a wallet and starting transacting, and companies should be willing to pay their users for the incredibly valuable data that they currently produce for free. So trakkin.me was born! There are many more features I want to build and big improvements to the extension coming very soon. Enjoy!
about 3 years ago
@dylanbathurst this looks like a really good use-case, congrats on the launch!