Bottle Pay Developer APIs
Bottle Pay Developer APIs

Tools to make amazing user experiences possible for Lapps

Bottle Pay’s dev tools were created as part of our mission to make bitcoin accessible for everyone, and aim to speed adoption by improving the user experiences within Lapps ⚡️ 👜 Bottle Pay OAuth Leverage our OAuth2 flow to tap into our fast growing, amazing community of active bitcoiners. The auth flow will automatically handle new user creation for you via all our supported social networks. 🤓 Developer APIs Our drop-in wallet APIs will allow you to focus on developing what makes your Lapp unique. Use these APIs to handle wallet operations in the background, keeping your users engaged within your app. No more reliance on switching to external wallet apps or copy pasta invoicing, which leads to frustrating UX. Our API's confirm to the OpenAPI v3 spec, and can be read by humans and machines 🤖 We've created a full Bottle Pay sandbox environment hooked into testnet so that you can develop risk free with tsats. If you'd like to start work on your own client app, please get in touch with us on http://t.me/bottlepay and we will hook you up!
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