Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a curated directory of the best new Lightning apps. Discover new Lapps, upvote your favorite ones and ask questions directly to the Lapp makers!

What is a Lapp?

Lapp is short for Lightning app.

How does Lightning Auth works? Lightning Auth uses your unique Lightning Node Public Key as your login.

You authenticate by providing a Lightning Payment Request which is used to validate that you have access to your Lightning Node.

Do I need a Lightning Node to login?

If you're not running your own Lightning Node or have a non-custodial Lightning wallet, you can't use Lightning Auth.

In that case, you should login using Twitter.

What can I submit to

The ideal fit is any Lightning app, a product or platform that exclusively uses the Lightning Network.

However, if you have a product, store, podcast or platform that you think would be a good fit, feel free to submit it!

What are supporters and promoted products?

Supporters and promoted products are Lapps that are financially supporting the community.

At any given time there might be multiple supporters, but just one Promoted product.

Supporters get a special badge and they're listed in the sidebar.

The promoted product occupies the 4th position in the frontpage.