Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a curated directory of the best new Lightning apps. Discover new Lapps, upvote your favorite ones and ask questions directly to the Lapp makers!

What is a Lapp?

Lapp is short for Lightning app.

Why do I need Twitter to login?

Logging in with Twitter ensures a seamless integration of names, avatars and handles of the people you know and love from Bitcoin Twitter into the platform. After all, Bitcoin is all about the network effects :)

It also discourages vote rigging by ensuring there is a valid Twitter account per vote.

That being said, not everyone uses Twitter or wants to login using it. We hear you! Logging in using your own Lightning node is being worked on - soon, you will be able to log in using your own node as your unique identity!

What can I submit to

The ideal fit is any Lightning app, a product or platform that exclusively uses the Lightning Network.

However, if you have a product, store, podcast or platform that you think would be a good fit, feel free to submit it!