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Mac | Windows | Linux | iOS | Android Simple Our design philosophy is rooted in the ability to respond to our users and its from your feedback we are able to consistently deliver the best user experience in Bitcoin. Safe Zap is non-custodial. At no point does anyone have access to funds besides you, the user. Your keys, your coins, your node, your rules. All on your device. Lightning-Fast
 The Lightning Network offers a new way for users to interact with Bitcoin. Transactions with Zap are inexpensive and instantaneous, unlocking a new natively digital economy never seen before. Open Source
 With over 70 contributors and 20 translated languages, our open source community grows by the day. Zap was designed for the people, by the people.
En. Reeky @icehous.io
@En. Reeky @icehous.io
2 months ago
Found it it clumsy pointed to it's own nodes and to to configure other nodes was cumbersome and not vet intuitive, also Layer 2 communication with non proprietary nodes poor , channels go off line and don't work unless you reestablish another channel with the Node . over all poo 30 /100
about 2 months ago
@En. Reeky @icehous.io I couldn't disagree more... it's one of the few mobile wallets to run a full neutrino node, and allows for connecting to your own node very easily... never had any issues with it, and it runs fast / easy.
about 1 year ago
One may say Zap is like the Frech wine, how the time passes it gets better & wealthy!
about 1 year ago
Zap is an inspirational product. We love its design philosophy.